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OHA, Ugochukwu
193 cm
86 kg
Lider Matizol Pruszkow (POLAND-PLKK)
AVAILABLE 2013/2014
Short summary/Player description: 
Very inteligent and experienced typical center. Nice jump shot and great knowledge about defence systems. Can play well back to the basket. Good shotblocker. Teamplayer.
Career experiences/Statistics: 
2000-2001: George Washington (NCAA): 32 games: 9.2ppg, 4.6rpg, 2.4bpg, FGP: 45.5%, FT: 61.1%
2001-2002: George Washington (NCAA): 30 games: 13.1ppg, 6.8rpg, 2.9bpg, FGP: 44.5%, FT: 64.3%
2002-2003: George Washington (NCAA): 31 games: 15.4ppg, 9.0rpg, 3.0bpg, FGP: 50.9%, FT: 63.3%
2003-2004: George Washington (NCAA): 30 games: 13.8ppg, 7.1rpg, 3.3bpg, FGP: 49.0%, FT: 70.1%
2004-2005: Maccabi Ashdod (Israel-D1): 8 games: 13.9ppg, 8.8rpg, 1.2bpg, 2FGP: 55.6%
2005-2006: Arranz-Jopisa Burgos (Spain-LFB): 9 games: 1.2ppg, 3.4rpg
2006-2007: Coca-Cola Rhonnda Rebels (United Kingdom-EBL): EuroCup: 6 games: 9.0ppg, 4.7rpg, FGP: 54.3%, 3FGP: 100%, FT: 61.9%, In Feb.'07 moved to TTT Riga (Latvia-LSBL): 1 game 2 pt 3reb 4 bs 1 as, left in Mar.'07; BWBL: 1 game: 5pts, 5reb, 3ast
2007-2008: First Bank BC (D1)
2008: Houston Jaguars Travel Team
2008-2009: First Bank BC (D1)
2009: Houston Jaguars Travel Team
2009-2010: LKS Siemens AGD Lodz (Poland-PLKK, starting five): 17 games: 8.8ppg, Reb-4(9.4rpg), 1.2apg, 1.0spg, Blocks-4(1.5bpg), FGP: 42.9%, 3PT: 25.0%, FT: 71.7%
2010-2011: LKS Siemens AGD Lodz (Poland-PLKK, starting five): Polish League: 24 games: 13.0ppg, Reb-1(9.9rpg), 1.2apg, FGP: 53.6%, 3PT: 12.5%, FT: 73.7%
2011-2012: Lider Matizol Pruszkow (Poland-PLKK, starting five): 30 games: 5.6ppg, 4.4rpg, 1.0bpg, FGP: 52.0%, FT: 66.7% during 17mpg!!!
2012-2013: DNP - masters graduation on her college
Other info/Achievements/Awards: 
A member of Nigeria's Olympic team
Nigerian National Team -05-07
African Championships -05 (Gold)
World Championships in Sao Paulo (Brazil) -06
All-Africa Games -07
African Championships in Dakar (SEN) -07 All-Polish PLKK Honorable Mention -11 Polish PLKK All-Imports Team -11
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OHA, Ugochukwu
OHA, Ugochukwu
OHA, Ugochukwu
OHA, Ugochukwu
OHA, Ugochukwu
OHA, Ugochukwu
OHA, Ugochukwu
OHA, Ugochukwu