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NESBA, Karim
185 cm
78 kg
Chabab Rif Al-Hoceima (Morocco-D1)
SIGNED 14/15
Bosman A-Cotonou
Short summary/Player description: 
He's a quick and strong ball handler.He has a great range.He sees the floor well and can distribute the ball open to the open player.He was ranked among the top 20 point guards in Atlanta.Karim was also the MVP of the Martin Luther King tournament.Karim is a national team member of Morocco.Strong ball handler who bring 2 times his team in the top of the league in Morocco.
Career experiences/Statistics: 
2003-2004: Royal Basketball Brussels Club Youths.
2004-2005: BBC Royal Atomia,second team (BEL-D4): 14ppg
2005-2006: West Fork High School Arkansas: 19.0ppg, 5.0apg.
2006-2005: Greater Atlanta Academy Prep school: 22.0ppg, 6.0asp, 2.0spg, 3.0rpg
2006-2007: BBC Royal Atomia (Belgium-D1)
2007-2008: Howard (NCAA)
2008-2009: Auburn-Montgomery (NAIA)
2009-2010: Basket Bree (Belgium-D2, starting five) 2010-2011: Royal Aera Excelsior Brussels (Belgium-D2): 6 games: 8.83ppg then joined Chabab Rif Al Hoceima (Morocco-D1, starting five)
2011 June: Rebote SK Estonia Showcase
2011-2012: RSB Berkane (Morocco-D1)
2012-2013: Chabab Rif Al-Hoceima (Morocco-D1)
2013-2014: MAS of Fez (Morocco-D1)
2014-2015: Chabab Rif Al-Hoceima (Morocco-D1)
Other info/Achievements/Awards: 
Best player of Brabant -04
Cup of Brabant -05
Martin LutherKing Tournament and DC Tacoma Tournament -07 (MVP)
Moroccan National Team -07
Tourcoing (France) Tournament -07
AMW Camp Paris Summer -07 (MVP)
NAIA D1 Elite Eight -09
SAAC Conference Champion -09 Morocco National Team -11 Pan Arab Games in Doha (Qatar) -11: 5 games: 4.0ppg, 1.2rpg Morocco Throne Cup Finalist -12 Morocco Final -12
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NESBA, Karim
NESBA, Karim
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