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KAROL, Mariusz
Head Coach
Polish - native, English - good, Russian - basic
Licence category: 
Class A
Rosasport Radom (POLAND-1Liga)
SIGNED 2012/2013
Short summary/Coach description: 
Still young but top experienced coach with last 7 years on spots of head coach and example last seasons have great series with middle budget team Polpharma which was on 2nd place in regular season or was Polish Cup Winner with Koszalin in 2010 which was a one of biggest surprises in season. Got also experiences in eurocups from coaching like an assistant in Prokom Sopot. Got always top relations with players, he never worried about be on top, speaks good english and learing quick.
Career experiences/Statistics: 
Coach Assistant:
1999-2000: Prokom Trefl Sopot (PLK)
2000-2001: Prokom Trefl Sopot (LBL)
2001-2002: Prokom Trefl Sopot (PLK)
Head Coach:
2002-2003: Azoty Unia Tarnow (PLK)
2003-2004: Unia/Wisla Tarnow Krakow (EBL)
2004-2005: Unia/Wisla Krakow (EBL): left in Dec.'04 and the same month was hired by KS Turow Zgorzelec (EBL)
2005-2006: BOT KS Turow Zgorzelec (DBL), fired in Dec.'05, in Jan.'06 hired by MTK Daikan Kotwica Kolobrzeg (DBL)
2006-2007: MTK Daikan Kotwica Kolobrzeg (DBL), left in Dec.'06, then hired by Unia Tarnow (DBL)
2007-2008: Banks BPS Basket Kwidzyn (DBE)
2008-2009: SKS Polpharma-Pakmet Starogard Gd. (DBE)
2009-2010: ISS Sportino Inowroclaw (PLK) and during season moved to AZS Koszalin (PLK)
2010-2011: AZS Koszalin (PLK)
2011-2012: Rosasport Radom (1Liga)
Other info/Achievements/Awards: 
Polish League Supercup Winner -01
Korac Cup Quarterfinals -01,02
Polish League Finalist -02
Polish League Semifinals -05
Polish Cup Winner -10
Eurobasket profile:
Photo galery: 
KAROL, Mariusz
KAROL, Mariusz
KAROL, Mariusz
KAROL, Mariusz
KAROL, Mariusz
KAROL, Mariusz