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Welcome to the PROMOTEX website. We are an full services marketing and promotional company representing since year 2001 interests of sportsmans and coaches from all over the world. The company is run by Mr. Grzegorz Piekoszewski and Marek Krala who have under their supervision a team that works day and night to ensure that its clients (sportsmans, coaches and clubs) are in the best possible situation. Since year 2007 Mr. Piekoszewski is one of the first agent in the world to become FIBA cerifited Official FIBA Licenced Agent - licence No.: 2007019355 which making PROMOTEX most competitive company on the markets.

Our current offer is available online on this website. We have a great team of Area Managers and international Partners. Our offer here includes descripitions of services, history and all clients so sportsmans/coaches represented by PROMOTEX.

Are you a jobless player? An unemployed coach? We will lend you a hand! Or maybe you are a manager seeking for a competitor? On request we could find a proper person for your team. We are looking forward to our future partnership.

PROMOTEX Basketball Services.